The Differences Between Vaporizers and Glass Bongs in Scottsdale, AZ

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By now you’ve heard of vaporizers and bongs. You inhale from both, but these apparatuses are not the same. Vaping is done using an electronic cigarette (e-cig) or vaporizer to inhale and exhale vapor, while a bong is used to smoke various products. The bottom of the bong gets filled with water, which is used to filter the smoke before it’s inhaled. In recent years, a lot of people have switched from smoking to vaping, with some even replacing their bong with a dry herb vaporizer.

So, should you be looking for vaporizers or glass bongs in Scottsdale, AZ? People enjoy both types of easy to use smoking apparatuses, but it’s up to you which one to get. Time to start your research! Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two.


Although vaporizers have been around for years, only the most modern forms of vaping grab our attention. Vaping is when heat is applied to a liquid to create a vapor that’s then inhaled. The vapor is mostly or completely odorless, but if you vape tobacco there will be some nicotine in the vapor. Many manufacturers make vaporizers for sale in stores and online, and there’s no shortage of vaping liquid flavors to choose from.

Today, the majority of vaporizers are vape pens. The vape pen is lightweight, easy to hold, use and transport, and you reap the benefits of a smooth taste, regardless of the substance you’re smoking. Here’s a question many new vapers tend to ask: How does vaping compare to smoking a rolled product? Well, the effects of vaping are milder, but you can still smoke to your heart’s content.

Glass bongs

Of the two smoking apparatuses, bongs have been around the longest. Made of glass or acrylic, your bong has a mouthpiece, chamber, stem and bowl. The bowl is usually made from metal for quick heating. Bongs go back centuries, but they have evolved over time to meet the needs of users. Like other smoking devices, people use bongs to smoke herbs or tobacco, as they let you quickly inhale large amounts of smoke in a single go.

A comparison between bongs and vaporizers

If you’re choosing between the two, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Both types of smoking apparatuses are sold almost everywhere, but bongs are more popular.
  • On the other hand, vaporizers tend to be more expensive than bongs.
  • Keep in mind that smoking using a vaporizer lets you inhale clean smoke, while bong inhales can come with some amount of chemicals.
  • Bongs require the user to pack in and burn more of their chosen dry substance. You will consume way more product using a bong; vaporizer users consume a much smaller quantity.
  • Bongs need water to filter the smoke, and vaporizers don’t.
  • Vaporizers are compact, making them easy to carry around. Because bongs are big, you don’t see them being carried around very often.

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