How Does Shisha Compare to Cigarette Smoking?

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Human beings have been smoking for thousands of years, and there are lots of different smoking traditions that come from different regions of the world. Shisha smoking is a tradition that originated in Asian Middle Eastern cultures thousands of years ago but has since gained popularity in the United States.

Today people around the world enjoy smoking shisha in shisha bars or in their own homes. If you’re curious about how shisha compares to tobacco, keep reading to learn about shisha vs. tobacco.

What is shisha?

Shisha is a tobacco-based mixture containing additional flavorings like honey, molasses and fruit extracts that provide smokers with a flavorful smoking experience. The shisha is loaded onto a hookah pipe and heated up to create smoke that filters through water and comes out through a mouthpiece attached to the hookah with a pipe. Shisha bars are popular because hookahs can be equipped with several different pipes which makes it easy for people to enjoy hookah socially.

Shisha vs. tobacco

A lot of people wonder what the differences are between smoking shisha and smoking tobacco. First, it’s important to consider that there has been far less research conducted on shisha than there has been on tobacco. Research and scientists have been studying tobacco smoking for decades, so there is a fairly robust body of research on tobacco use. Shisha, on the other hand, is less researched; as a result, there are a lot of myths out there about shisha.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind about shisha vs. tobacco:

  • Shisha is more harmful than tobacco from cigarettes: One of the most common misconceptions about shisha is that it’s less harmful than tobacco, but the reality is that shisha is considered to be far more harmful than tobacco. Studies have shown that shisha smoke contains far more carcinogenic tar than tobacco smoke from cigarettes, which increases health risks to users.
  • Hookah water does not filter tobacco: Lots of people who smoke shisha believe that the water in a hookah filters the smoke and removes harmful substances before it’s inhaled, but this isn’t the case. Even after hookah smoke passes through the hookah water, it still contains many harmful substances—including carcinogens—that can pose health risks to the user.
  • Shisha smoking causes exposure to carbon monoxide: Another important thing to consider about smoking shisha is that it comes with a risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Shisha is heated using charcoal or wood cylinders which, when burned, generate carbon monoxide. When this carbon monoxide gets into the smoke that the hookah user inhales, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Shisha vs. tobacco

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