Title: Do Edibles Go Bad?

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Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis if you have an aversion to smoking or vaping or simply do not want to smoke. Edibles have a precise amount of cannabis in each item, and they are premeasured so that you only get that specific amount each time you eat one. Like other foods, you may be wondering do cannabinoids like THC and CBD go bad. We will explain edible expirations further here.

Do cannabinoids like THC and CBD go bad?

Edible expirations vary based on the food that the cannabis is cooked into. The food itself is likely to go bad before the THC or the CBD in the food totally loses its potency. When thinking about the expiration of edibles, you first need to consider the ingredients. The edible’s ingredients have the most impact on the expiration. Foods that have a shorter shelf life are obviously going to expire before those that are shelf-stable and that have good packaging and preservatives.

A good example would be a cake with ingredients like eggs and butter in it, versus a gummy or a sucker that have a much longer shelf life and are far more shelf-stable. When looking at the foods that contain cannabis, you should consider the type of food when considering if you should still eat it or throw it out.

Best By Dates

This is another super important thing to remember: Best by dates are in place for a reason. With best by dates on edibles, you are informed about both the freshness of the food, and the potency of the cannabis. The cannabinoids in the food are not what will go bad — those do not expire; they simply lose their potency and ability to affect the body.

If you have an edible that has fresh ingredients, you do want to take account of the expiration date and stick to it. For things like candies that have cannabis in them, you may be able to eat them past the expiration date, but they are not likely to be as potent or as effective as they would have been when they were fresh.

When choosing the right edibles and determining if they are safe to eat, if you have any doubts it may be helpful to go on the site of the company to find out more about their expiration dates. You can also talk to the manufacturer on the phone about their expiration dates. So, in summation, it is the food that the cannabis is in that goes bad, not the cannabis itself or the chemical compounds in the cannabis.

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