Is Hemp Wick Really Safer Than a Lighter?

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Using a lighter is something that many people do daily, several times a day. Be it to light candles or to smoke, lighters are one of the most common items found in homes across the globe. That being said, there is some concern for those that use a butane lighter to smoke, including health concerns.

Why Might Butane Lighters Be Unsafe?

A few issues with butane lighters seem to come to the forefront with each debate. The first and most serious is that butane is a toxic substance in and of itself. Butane can cause serious health issues when someone is exposed to it in large amounts or when they are slowly exposed to it over time, as they might be with daily repeated use of a butane lighter.

Butane lighters work through a process of releasing butane liquid into a chamber of the lighter that has been pressurized; a spark is then introduced by a flint that ignites the butane and creates the flame. Though a good deal of the butane is going to be burned off in this process, there is still some left that gets into the air and is introduced to the user.

Hemp Wicks

When considering smoking accessories, some options are a bit safer than a butane lighter. Hemp wicks are one such option. Hemp wicks are pieces of hemp twine or string coated in wax, often beeswax, that is then used as a lighter. They are harder to find than butane lighters, and they will not be conveniently by the register of every convenience store, for example.

With a hemp wick, you will have to use a lighter or a match to light the wick to begin with. This means that unless you are using a match, you will still be using a butane lighter to light the hemp wick.

Though a hemp wick is more natural than a butane lighter, it will not be totally natural. Unless you can ensure that they are completely natural, that they are made with all natural products, and that you know all the provenance of the materials and ingredients being used, there is really no way to say that these wicks are fully natural or that they are better than a butane lighter. 

In the grand scheme of things, a butane lighter will not put a huge amount of butane into your system, it may put in some, but there is no real way to measure or quantify it. Hemp wicks are a great alternative if you just want something different from a butane lighter, but it is not something that is automatically going to be so much better for you.

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