A Huge Selection of Glass Pipes in Scottsdale, AZ

Smoking from a high-quality glass piece is an experience that’s like no other, providing you with great delivery, ideal throat hit and satisfying amounts of plumage. Whether you’re looking for a larger bubbler setup or you’re more interested in smaller glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ, know that Coughing Canary has what you’re looking for.

We’re the foremost destination for glass pipes and bongs in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, and Fountain Hills, AZ, simply because our selection and stock is larger than any other in the state! On our shelves you’ll find pieces of all sizes, shapes, styles, colors and brands, each of a superior caliber of craftsmanship and design. When you buy glass pipes from us, you’re buying more than just a smoking apparatus—you’re buying a work of art.

Industry Expertise

If you’re browsing glass pipes and bongs in Scottsdale, AZ and aren’t sure of what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask one of our expert staff members. We have an extensive knowledge of everything in our inventory and can consult with you about what you might be looking for or what’s right for you, to ensure you walk away with an investment that’s going to pay dividends in enhancing your smoking experience.


Brands We Carry

If you’re looking for a specific product or want to inquire about the best glass pipes, bongs, e-cigarettes, or vaporizers for your smoking needs, please contact us today by calling (480) 361-6723, Our knowledgeable staff members take pride in helping customers find the perfect setup for their needs!