Why Vaping Has Become So Popular: Info from a Vape Shop in Scottsdale, AZ

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You’ve probably noticed that vaping has become incredibly trendy in the United States. Whether people are using it as a step-down from tobacco or are simply doing it because they enjoy it, it has become an activity with broad appeal and its own unique culture surrounding it.

So what exactly has made vaping so popular? Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why people have started taking up the habit in large numbers, and why our vape shop in Scottsdale, AZ is committed to providing you with a wide variety of flavors and brand choices:

  • Low health risk: This is the single-biggest benefit of vaping that is not available in, say, tobacco. Vaping is completely smoke-free, which means you can avoid potential respiratory illnesses and diseases associated with tobacco.
  • Wide variety of flavors: This is a benefit of vaping that has drawn in people who never smoked tobacco, in addition to people who previously or currently smoke. As vaping continues to become more and more popular, the amount of available flavors and the innovation in creating these flavors have both expanded. People who are interested in quitting smoking tend to report that they appreciate having these flavors more than e-cigarettes that attempt to mimic the flavor of tobacco. There’s also a sort of “try them all” element to having this many flavors. People who regularly vape, much like people with affinities for wine or craft beer, are constantly on the lookout for new, high quality flavors and brands. This is what has, in large part, created the “vaping culture” that has become so prevalent.
  • Aesthetics: Unlike cigarettes, pipes and cigars, vaping does not produce a residue or an unseemly odor. A person who is politely vaping will exhale almost none of the vapor, which makes “secondhand smoke” a minimal concern for vaping. The emissions that do arise from vaping are minimally invasive and do not pose any sort of health risk to people standing in the area. In fact, many people who do not vape would say the smell is rather pleasant, because of the fruitiness of the flavors offered. Even in enclosed spaces such as bars, vaping is extremely unobtrusive.
  • Convenient: Because there is a lack of health impact to users and non-users alike, vaping is seen as socially acceptable in public places, which makes it much more convenient for users who enjoy smoking. You won’t have to step outside of your office, or out of the restaurant or bar you’re enjoying. For smokers who are sick of having to deal with these inconveniences, vaping can be a rather attractive option. Additionally, you only need to take a few puffs while vaping, rather than having to smoke through an entire cigarette.

These are just a few of the primary reasons why vaping has become a nationwide sensation over the last few years. For more information, contact Coughing Canary, your vape shop in Scottsdale, AZ, and we will be happy to tell you more about what we have in stock.

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