Back to School: New Glass Products at the Coughing Canary

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While the students are heading back to school, our staff at the Coughing Canary has been hard at work re-stocking our collection of glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ. We’ve spent all summer filling our nearly 10,000 square foot store with the top brands and coolest styles of glass pipes.

Now is the time to stock up on supplies before the semester gets going. The learning doesn’t stop once you walk off campus, because we’re here to educate you on some of the top glass pipe options you’ll find in our Scottsdale store!


Is this your first time venturing into the world of glass pipes? Then a chillum may be a good place for you to start. These small, handheld pipes are basic and easy to use. Plus, they’re relatively compact and perfect are the perfect choice if you’re hoping to just smoke a small amount at a time.

To use it, you simply pack your material of choice into the end piece, light it with a flame and then inhale. Like anything, chillums have their own set of disadvantages. Unlike a bong, there’s no carburetor, so smoke and any debris isn’t cleared as easily.


On the other end of the glass pipe spectrum is the bong. It’s a completely water and air tight glass vessel that uses a bowl and a slide to operate. During use, the user lights the bong and inhales while the water in the bowl bubbles. Then, the smoker opens the carburetor as fresh air floods in. Many smokers prefer to use a bong when they can because it creates a smoother smoke than many other methods. But, unfortunately, it is a bit large and not easily portable.


Much like the name describes, this type of glass pipe literally looks like a spoon. A spoon is the next step up from a chillum, as it has a carburetor, which allows addition air to come in. Many smokers prefer this as it leads to a cleaner, smoother hit.

The carburetor is a small hole on the side of the pipe. The user covers this hole with their thumb while lighting the bowl so the material burns better. Air then enters through the carburetor once the hole is uncovered. This is a great option for anyone looking for a small, compact pipe that provides a higher quality smoke than a chillum.

The Coughing Canary: your one stop shop for glass pipes

Still unsure which glass pipe is best for all of your smoking needs? Then stop by our Scottsdale store today. We’ve spent all summer getting the top glass brands back in store. The Cough Canary carries countless styles and colors of pipes, water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers and everything else glass! Need hookah tobacco, cigarettes, rolling papers or cigars? We’ve got those too. Our convenient location on the corner of Thomas and Scottsdale Road is here to make sure you are well supplied throughout the entire semester.

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