Your Guide to Cleaning Your New Glass Pipe in Scottsdale, AZ

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So, you picked up a new glass pipe at the Coughing Canary. Whether you selected a chillum or a bong, you know you’ve picked up a quality piece! A glass pipe provides a clean taste without the mess and hassle of a rolling papers. Plus, many of our glass pipes are hand blown, ensuring a completely unique look.

Over time and with regular use, resin will build up inside the bowl after a few smoking sessions. Luckily, it’s easy to clean any of the quality glass pipes at the Coughing Canary. Cleaning your pipe does require some knowledge and care though. To get you started, here’s your guide to keeping your new glass pipe clean and well maintained:

Step one: gather up your supplies

You’ll only need three different supplies to get your pipe clean as new. We recommend using a sealable plastic bag, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt for an easy, yet thorough cleaning process. Select an alcohol with more than 70 percent constitution, as a higher percentage ensures a more thorough and efficient clean. These supplies are easy to find at any store and completely natural.

Step two: start cleaning

Place your beloved pipe into the bag and then fill it with the alcohol until it is completely submerged. Next, add approximately one tablespoon of sea salt before letting the pipe soak in the mixture for around two hours.

The salt works as an abrasive, removing any resin from the inside of the bowl. Once the timer has gone off, it’s time to start shaking! Shake the bag with the pipe still inside for about five minutes for a thorough cleaning. You may feel silly while doing this, but the shaking will force the resin off of the pipe.

Step three: finish and enjoy!

Now it’s time to revel in the success of your handiwork. Remove the pipe from the bag to look for any lingering resin clogging the pipe or the carburetor. Use an unused cotton swab or pipe cleaner to wipe away any lingering substances. When satisfied with the cleaning job, remove the pipe from the bag and rinse it in some warm and soapy water.

Rinse the piece out thoroughly to avoid a nasty taste the next time you light up. Then use a clean towel to wipe it down and let it sit until it is dry. Try to hold off on using it until it’s completely dry and remember to be careful when dumping out the alcohol solution, as the resin is notorious for staining.

The Coughing Canary is not only here to help you select a new and unique glass pipe, but to also help you take care of any of your beloved pieces. Our store also carries a huge inventory of water pipes, tobacco, smoking accessories, hookah tobacco, cigars, oil rigs, papers, blunt wraps and more! Stop by our convenient location on the corner of Thomas and Scottsdale Road to pick out your new glass pipe in Scottsdale, AZ today!

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