Special Occasions That Call for a Round of Cigars from Your Local Smoke Shop in Scottsdale, AZ

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A cigar is one of those things that is recognized by just about everyone. Since we see them smoked in movies and maybe even grew up around cigar-smoking relatives, having smoked one before is not a prerequisite for being able to identify one. True, their form and shape tends to vary depending on the cigar maker, as well as the smoker’s cigar size preference. So, choose from traditional average-size cigars for a long night of poker and drinks, or opt for cigarillos—which are smaller than traditional cigars, but typically bigger than cigarettes—for a light smoke.

And while any time is a good time for cigars, there are certain special occasions that call for a round of cigars from your local smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ. Here are some of those times:

  • Engagements: Did your best bud just propose to his long-time girlfriend? If so, invite him and the guys out for celebratory cigars! But cigars are not just for the men. Ladies, too, may enjoy a good cigar with their friends to congratulate a gal-pal on her recent engagement.
  • Birthdays: As long as the birthday boy or girl is of age to smoke, why not bring along a box of cigars to the party? Visiting a fully stocked smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ means you get to hand-select the cigars you want—any size, any brand, any natural flavor tobacco or ones infused with a sweet flavoring. Or, ask the knowledgeable staff about their recommendations for a box of one type of cigar that’s perfect to bring to your friend’s birthday.
  • College graduations: Your son, daughter, adult grandkid, sibling or friend has just made it through at least four years of college classes—graduation is here at last! You can gift a nice cigar with a pleasant aroma or get a few to pass out to the group at their graduation dinner.
  • Reunions: Without a doubt, reunions are the perfect time to bust out celebratory cigars. This includes high school and college reunions, family reunions and even simply spending time with a group of your best friends after years apart.
  • Holiday celebrations: Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays present an opportunity to pick up those aromatic cigars from that delightful smoke shop around the corner. Whether you’ve always wanted to try a particular cigar, already have a favorite or are introducing cigars to someone for the first time, your neighborhood smoke store will have a team member educated in the way of the cigar to help out. So, no matter the holiday, the cigars you decide on will always hit the right spot.

Coughing Canary is the largest smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ, offering a massive inventory of smoking products and supplies to customers near and far. In fact, whether you only indulge on special occasions or on a daily basis, we likely have everything you will ever need to satisfy your unique smoking lifestyle. Contact us with questions, or pop on in for a visit!

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