A Helpful Guide to Cigar Smoking Etiquette from Your Local Smoke Shop in Scottsdale, AZ

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For your convenience, your local smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ has narrowed down cigar smoking etiquette to highlight some of the most important points. This straightforward mini guide is perfect for newcomers to cigar smoking, and as a reminder for seasoned cigar aficionados. Read on, and happy cigar smoking!

  • Do warm the foot of the cigar: Lighting a cigar is different from lighting a cigarette. The key is to warm the foot of the cigar a little bit before you light it and begin puffing, but this doesn’t mean cooking it under a hot flame. Roll it carefully with your fingers and the heat from your hand will warm the foot.
  • Do remove the band: You need to remove the cigar maker’s label—the paper band attached to the cigar—before smoking. Light the cigar, wait a minute for the gum or gluing material to warm up, then remove it. However, since this is not a set rule, you can opt to pull it off whenever or not at all.
  • Do take your time smoking: Cigars are meant for savoring, which means it’s not a race. Take time to enjoy the taste and aromas of your chosen cigar, but do puff often to keep the heat from dissipating.
  • Do let the cigar go out on its own: It’s pretty easy to tell if your cigar is finished—it will taste harsh, ashy and even smell wet and cold. But unlike a cigarette that is usually smoked down to the filter, a cigar is ready to be extinguished at the halfway point.
  • Don’t mutilate the end with sharp instruments: Cigar ash holds rather firm, which gives you plenty of time to reach for the ashtray. (By the way, don’t flick the ash on the ground, especially in social situations.) There’s no need to stab the end to force spent tobacco leaves out.
  • Don’t put a direct flame on the foot: If you hold the flame directly to the cigar, you will end up with a tube of charred tobacco. The proper way to light a cigar is to simply rotate the flame around the edges of the foot until it starts to burn. Now, get it started with a few puffs!
  • Don’t relight a spent cigar: You will get the best cigar taste smoking it only halfway. Past that point, the smoke will continue to get harsher and harsher. Sometimes it goes out randomly from sitting not puffed for too long, so try relighting it. However, a cigar that keeps going out should be left out.
  • Don’t bite the cigar or hold it in your mouth: It’s poor form to clench your cigar between your teeth, and it’s distasteful to talk with a cigar in your mouth. Remember, cigar smoking is traditionally synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

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