Coughing Canary Is the Largest Smoke Shop in Arizona

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Whether you are a beginner in the world of smoke, vape or electronic cigarettes, or are experienced with the hobby and looking to expand your collection, you’ll want to visit a smoke shop that has what you’re looking for and the understanding to help you make the right selections.

The best smoke and counterculture products can sometimes be difficult to come across. Luckily, if you’re looking for a great smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ, Coughing Canary is your go-to destination for all things smoke-related. Coughing Canary is the largest smoke shop in the state of Arizona, providing customers with countless options for their smoking hobbies seven days a week! If you’re looking to purchase a particular or hard-to-find product for your smoke, vape or e-cigarette hobby, stop in to our shop and browse our wide selection of top name brand products. We’re sure we can provide you with anything you might need for your optimal smoking experience.

Tobacco and cigars

We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of tobacco and cigar options that rival anything else you’d find in the state. Whether you’re looking for a particular brand of cigarettes, shish tobacco, cigars or loose tobacco, stop by our shop and we’ll probably have it. Or, you can ask one of our knowledgeable employees for their recommendations to get you started or to branch off into something new!

Glass products

Our selection of high-quality glass pieces is larger than anywhere else in the state, providing you with countless options, whether you’re looking for pipes, water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers or more. We carry pieces of all sizes, shapes, styles, colors and brands, so you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you.

Our glass pieces are made by the top brand names in the industry, as well as by local artists, meaning you can find a piece that is unique and matches your personal style to add to your collection.


The vaporizer products we stock are some of the best on the market so you can vape with a quality piece of equipment. Whether you need a new unit or a few vaporizer accessories, we can supply you with whatever you’re looking for. And you can always trust our staff to give expert advice and guidance for using and maintaining your vaporizer equipment.

Electronic cigarettes

From starter kits to mod essentials to accessories, our smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ has everything you’ll need to either start or continue using electronic cigarettes.

We also carry a vast variety of e-juices to fit your personal taste in flavors, whether you’re looking for menthol vape or fruits.

Visit our smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ for all your smoke product needs

If you want to browse one of the largest inventories of smoke and counterculture products available, visit Coughing Canary. Our smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ has served customers for over 10 years, providing them with some of the top name brands in the industry. Our supply of smoking apparatuses, tobacco, vaping supplies and other smoking products is the largest in the state, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can always help you find what you need for your hobby. Visit us today!

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