Is CBD Oil Legal in Arizona?

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CBD oil, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (meaning it does not get you high) derived from specific low-THC, high-CBD strains of cannabis, has been legal in Arizona since a 2014 ruling affirming its medicinal usefulness for epilepsy. It can be purchased at medicinal dispensaries, as well as purchased online as a dietary supplement, and can be sometimes found in smoke shops as well. Since legalization, CBD has been developed into a number of different products—skin creams, tinctures, muscle-relaxing patches, vaporizer oil, smokeable and edible CBD products are all common on the market today.

Of course, there are caveats

As with anything related to cannabis or hemp, there are caveats when it comes to legality. The federal government, the D.A.’s office in Washington, D.C. and the DEA consider cannabis and all consumable cannabis-derived chemicals or organic compounds to be schedule 1 illegal drugs. This is an issue that is still being worked out between states and the federal government, and likely will be for some time.

This is not legal advice, of course—we’re just a smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ—but so far, it seems like the actual risk is for the provider of the CBD and not for the individual end-user—and even then, the risk is currently perceived as relatively minimal. The courts have upheld again and again both CBD safety and its medicinal and dietary usefulness. The enthusiasm for CBD is widespread. It’s not only cannabis-legalization proponents and smoke shop owners who are behind CBD, but doctors and medical scientists are equally excited, as the early laboratory results of its usefulness in treating a variety of common problems—from seizures to lack of appetite to ADHD—are extremely promising.

If you’re passionate about making sure that CBD stays legal and available, there are a variety of pro-CBD organizations you can join and petitions you can sign to do your part to make sure it’s always available when people need it. A quick Google search is all you need to get started.

Where to get CBD oil

We mentioned this before, but let’s recap: you can purchase CBD oil in medical cannabis dispensaries, online from CBD-centric retailers who ship it as a dietary supplement to most states in the United States and from smoke shops, as well as from some holistic medicine shops. The variety of options seems to be about the same everywhere. CBD is more highly regulated in the few states where cannabis is totally legal, meaning that as the end user you can be absolutely sure of the CBD levels of the product you’re purchasing, because they’re all tested at government-approved labs to guarantee standards. If you’re not in one of these states, do a little research on brands and shops, and you can be sure the CBD you’re buying is of high quality.

The future of CBD oil

Anyone invested in CBD is enthusiastic about the future. Certain recent events in the D.A.’s office may have shifted what was once unabashed enthusiasm to guarded enthusiasm, but it’s just not possible to look at CBD’s clinical test results and not believe there’s a future for CBD. The results speak for themselves. It improves health and improves life. It’s important to our fight against the opioid epidemic. Given our rapidly aging population, it’s important to the treatment of diseases commonly associated with aging. And it’s important in a holistic approach to treating a variety of behavioral and psychiatric disorders that are currently treated with synthetic compounds, which work by mechanisms their prescribers still do not understand.

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