What Is Chameleon Glass?

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Chameleon Glass is one of our favorite glass pipe brands. They began as a group of artists selling their glassware at shows, and over the 26 years since their founding, they have built themselves into one of the premier producers of glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as bubblers and water pipes. Every piece is designed with the end user in mind, with pipes designed to capture more tar, passing cooler, more oxygenated smoke to the user, and bubblers that don’t tip over and never spill. Their glass artists are both extremely practical and extremely imaginative and creative. Let’s take a look at some of their products!

Custom character glass pipes

Chameleon Glass is well known for providing high-quality handmade character pipes. You can get the face of your favorite cartoon character, movie star or even Santa Claus, if you’d prefer, as it is that time of year. Some companies create character pipes of inferior quality, knowing they’re easy to sell. But with Chameleon Glass, you’ll also be getting an excellent pipe, designed to be a pleasure to smoke from.

Monsoon hand bubbler

Some pipe-style bubblers have some drawbacks, specifically spilling their water, or tipping over and ruining the material in the bowl. Chameleon Glass’ Monsoon hand bubbler is exceptional, however. It’s designed to be spill-proof, designed not to tip over and you get a good cool water-filtered smoke with the profile of a normal glass pipe. It’s the perfect bubbler for home use or to carry with you to your friend’s house. It offers compact form and a superior smoke.

Typhoon glass pipe

If you’re more of a glass pipe smoker than a bubbler or water pipe smoker, check out Chameleon Glass’ Typhoon pipe. It’s designed with chambers along the pipe’s stem. These chambers bottleneck and collect smoke, and then cause the smoke to spin and vortex. The spinning in the chambers minimally cools the smoke, and while in the chamber, the smoke deposits some of its tar and ash in the chamber, meaning that what gets to your lungs is a better feeling smoke. It’s one of our favorites. It has some of the feeling of using a water pipe, because of the softness of the smoke after spinning in each chamber, but also the familiar hit that can only come from smoking with a hand pipe.

The best thing about Chameleon Glass

The best thing about Chameleon Glass is that the company is currently based in Arizona! It was founded in California, but as they grew, they chose Phoenix as their home for growth. So, not only is every pipe 100 percent American made, every pipe is made right here in the state of Arizona. We’re happy to have such a great Arizona company to partner with.

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