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If now is the time to replace your old smoking apparatus, you might consider doing some research on different materials, brands and styles to ensure you’re spending your money wisely and getting the right one for your personal goals or needs. To help get you started, let’s review some of the most important factors associated with purchasing a brand new glass water pipe: glass thickness and glass quality.

Quality of glass pieces

The strength of the glass will largely depend on the quality of the glass piece. Purchasing a low-end glass piece often yields poor quality. The glass is likely to be weak and have flaws, which means it could damage and break easily. On the other hand, higher quality glass means the glass piece will be stronger and more pristine, although these characteristics will vary depending on the material the glass is made out of and the skills of the glass blower.

Most glass pieces for smoking that rank high in the market are made of quality borosilicate glass. This is the same type of glass material used to make glass utensils and equipment for labs, so you can rest assured it’s strong. When picking out a new piece, be sure you’re shopping at a reputable head shop to avoid taking home cheap, poorly made glass. Quality glass pieces will have clean joint welds and look amazing.

Thickness of glass pieces

It’s important to consider the thickness of glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ, because the thickness affects the weight and durability of the glass piece. The thickness of individual glass pieces is usually measured in millimeters. Glass thickness generally averages between 3 mm to 12 mm, but the thickest smoking glass pieces are 9 mm, and a 5 mm to 7 mm thick piece is great for optimal results. A good rule of thumb is that, the thicker the glass water pipe, the stronger and more durable it will be.

All in all, it’s up to you and your personal preferences whether you want a heavier, thicker glass pipe or one that is lighter weight and thinner. If you have to choose between quality and thicker glass, always consider the higher quality glass piece.

Why glass?

You might be wondering why glass is considered to be the best material for glass pipes and bongs. While there are a number of reasons, it comes down to your senses.

Glass is a versatile material, and although it’s looked at as fragile, it makes strong pipes for smoking thanks to a process called annealing. Glass is smooth, but easy to grip, easy to mold and easy to clean. Additionally, glass pipes provide better taste and smell, meaning you get to enjoy the flavors you’re smoking with every hit. Cleaning your glass piece regularly keeps bad odors away and helps it last longer.

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