How Long Do Vaporizer Coils Last?

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Those who are new to using vaporizers may have questions about caring for vape coils. How long do vaporizer coils last? What are the most common signs it’s time to replace them? To get a better understanding, let’s ask a vape shop in Scottsdale, AZ!

Vaporizer coils are not designed to last forever, which means that eventually you will need to replace them. How long the coils last depends on a couple of main factors, such as how you vape and how well you treat your vaporizer coils. Generally speaking, brand new coils tend to last for one to two weeks, although their lifespan can be extended if you break them in the right way and practice proper care and maintenance while using them and in between vaping sessions. Not only does taking care of the coils save you money in the long run, but you’ll also enjoy a fresher flavor.

Is it time to replace your vaporizer coils? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • A burnt taste: Experiencing a burnt taste when vaping is the most common sign of bad coils. Vaping with a coil that needs to be replaced will result in a burnt taste no matter the kind of e-juice you’re using. If your hits tastes like blackened toast, then your best bet is to replace your coil quickly instead of trying to clean it; otherwise, you run the risk of causing damage to your device.
  • E-juice tastes “off”: If your e-juice doesn’t taste right, you might need to change the vaporizer coil. Most any bad taste is a strong indicator that your coils need to be replaced, but you should really trust your instincts if you sense that the e-juice flavor is not tasting the way it ought to. You can investigate the taste issue, although changing your old coils will likely do the trick so you can get back to enjoying using your vaporizer or e-cigarette.
  • The e-cigarette is leaking: While there’s more than one reason why your e-cigarette may be leaking, a common reason an old coil that needs to be replaced. So, if the device’s O-rings are not worn out and you have not overfilled the tank, take it apart and exam the coil to find out if a bad coil is causing the leak.
  • A gurgling sound when you vape: Gurgling sounds do not automatically point to an issue with the coils, but when gurgles are associated with a bad coil, the coil is not doing its job effectively. Sometimes the gurgling continues after the coils have been replaced, well before one or two weeks have passed. In this case, you may have a bigger issue.
  • The coil has been used a long time: Since vape coils don’t last forever, plan on replacing them every five to seven days with regular use, or every couple weeks when used less frequently.

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