An Introduction to the Best Metal Herb Grinders

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In the world of smoking, you either use a grinder to prepare your herb for a glass pipe or vaporizer, or go old school and pluck the dry, sticky nuggets apart with your bare fingers. Then there are newbies who smash entire buds into bowls and chambers, unaware that by doing so they are dooming themselves to a subpar and less potent smoking experience. Whether you smoke for medical reasons or recreationally, it is in your best interest to invest in a good herb grinder made of a quality material, like metal.

So, which type of metal herb grinder is the best one for you? To help you make an informed decision, let’s pick the brains of the team at an established head shop in Scottsdale, AZ.

Why you should use an herb grinder

When you grind your herb, the buds of the flower are processed down to fine particles, which play a role in optimal airflow. If you stuff a whole nug into a bowl, it will be harder to take smooth draws. Likewise, using your fingers to pull the bud apart won’t offer the same airflow ability as grinding. Keep in mind that vaporizers perform best when the herb has been through a grinder, as finely ground herb makes the cannabinoids and terpenes more accessible during the vaporization process.

Here are some of the varieties of metal herb grinders you can choose between:

  • Titanium: Of all the metal materials, titanium has the sharpest teeth for grinding herb. It can take down the toughest nuggets, reducing pieces down to super fine particles. What’s more is that it’s difficult to dull titanium teeth, even after frequent and repeated use. Titanium grinders are lightweight, and some models are portable, but they do tend to carry a higher price tag.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum herb grinders are more affordable and common than titanium models. But if you decide to get an aluminum grinder, keep in mind that most brands come in a wide range of grades. For example, a super cheap one could leave aluminum shavings behind with your ground herb, while a quality aluminum grinder could potentially be in the same category as titanium grinders with proper maintenance. Aluminum herb grinders are easy to clean, most are portable and they are pretty easy to find when you need a not-too-expensive yet still decent grinder. Don’t be shy about asking a head shop rep for their take on this type of grinder.
  • Stainless steel: Finally, we have stainless steel herb grinders. This type of metal grinder, though not an uncommon choice, is not as popular an option as aluminum grinders. Again, not all aluminum grinders are going to flake off some of their metal into your finely ground herb, but a stainless steel grinder is designed with the resilience of its blades in mind. This makes stainless steel more durable than aluminum, and it is not as susceptible to dulling, since it’s a harder metal.

If you smoke, then you want to have a good herb grinder always at the ready. Come visit Coughing Canary, your go-to head shop in Scottsdale, AZ, to browse our selection!

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