How to Calibrate a Pocket Digital Scale

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If you’ve been doing your research for the best way to measure out your herb, then by now you know that using a scale is the quickest and most efficient method. But there are quite a few options on the market, so choosing one can be challenging. For the purpose of this post, let’s say you want a scale that is easy to care for, easy to store, lightweight and portable. You may want to look into pocket digital scale options.

Pocket scales are practical for some people. Along with the aforementioned benefits, pocket scales are more affordable than many of the bigger digital scales. Pocket scales have a simple construction and are easy to use, as well as being pretty good at measuring to a hundredth of a gram, which is specific enough for most folks weighing herb for casual use.

Here are some tips from your local smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ for how to clean and calibrate a pocket digital scale. You can also consult your owner’s manual for more specific manufacturer instructions:

  • Remove loose debris: Using a clean soft brush and without applying pressure, gently dust off the weighing surface, then lightly brush the entire scale. Be sure to support the weighting surface when turning the scale over.
  • Clean off stubborn debris: There may be stubborn dirt and debris on parts of the scale. In this case, take a soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution to the exterior surfaces. Don’t allow moisture to get into the scale. Remove the batteries and clean the battery compartment.
  • Take care removing caked-on debris: A cloth might not be enough for this task. As carefully as you can, use a pin to chip away caked-on debris from the scale.
  • Find a level spot: Locate a flat, level surface in your home. A carpenter’s level may be helpful. You might consider placing a flat mouse pad on top of the surface to absorb vibrations.
  • Power it on: On the level and padded surface, turn the scale on. Your digital scale should have a button labeled “zero” or “tare.” Press this button to clear or zero out the reader.
  • Calibration mode: Check your manual for a “calibration mode.” Each scale design is different in this aspect; some require programming or simultaneous button manipulation, while newer scales may have a self-calibrating feature.
  • Calibration weight: Place a calibration weight on the digital scale; the display reader (or other type of indicator) will let you know when the scale is ready to calibrate. Once ready, manually enter the calibration weight’s mass.
  • Enter key: Check your owner’s manual for the enter key (the button that will enter the weight), which has to be pressed after the weight amount is entered.
  • You’re done: Hopefully, the scale now indicates that the weight you entered has been accepted and stored. You can power down the scale.

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