No Humidor? Use These Common Household Items to Store Cigars!

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A fully stocked smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ will not only carry a selection of loose tobacco, but cigars as well. And you’ll know they have cigars by the distinct aromatic scent of tobacco that greets your nose when you step through the doors. You might want to buy a few cigars—some to smoke soon and some for later—but you don’t own a humidor and are not quite sure the best way to preserve them. But you’re in luck! If you don’t have a humidor, there are other methods you can use.

Below are three common household items that can be used to store cigars.

Ziploc bag

The key to helping a cigar maintain its shape and taste is keeping it moist while in storage. Storing just one, two or three cigars is pretty easy, and you don’t need a home humidor to do it. Simply take a run-of-the-mill Ziploc bag (or another quality plastic freezer bag) and place the cigars inside. Now, get a new sponge, wet it, wring out the excess water, then place the sponge inside the freezer bag and seal it tightly.

If your setup is right, the sponge will keep the environment inside the bag humid for several weeks. Check on the cigars periodically to make sure the sponge is still moist, not dry.

Tupperware or jar

Let’s say you got back home after picking up a few cigars from your local smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ for poker night, only to find out the game’s been canceled. You don’t have a humidor, but you would like to preserve the cigars to break out at a later date. Never fear! Make your own makeshift humidor using a Tupperware container or glass jar and a wet sponge.

You can fit a few regular size cigars in an average Tupperware or Mason jar, which is perfect for added protection. Soak the sponge in distilled water (then wring it out) to prevent mold growth and exposing your cigars to chemicals found in non-filtered water. Regular tap water could also affect the flavor of the cigar.

Small lunch cooler

If you don’t have a humidor but plan on keeping cigars for more than a few months, consider storing them in a small cooler. Actually, any size cooler can work. The more cigars you have, the bigger the cooler should be. A cooler is a great option—since it’s designed to keep cool air inside, it will keep the relative humidity where it needs to be for a long time. In this case, a sponge will still work, although a proper humidification device and a hydrometer may be your best bet for longer-term storage.

Whether you like having cigars on hand at all times or you received a cigar as a gift, the reason you want to save it is to smoke someday. Just be sure to either use a humidor or follow one of these simple methods to ensure proper storage. If you’re looking for a smoke shop in Scottsdale, AZ that offers a selection of cigars, visit Coughing Canary today!

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