Vaporizer Pen Safety Tips

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The great thing about highly rated vaporizer pens is that most of them generally come with safety features built in during the manufacturing process. They are also tested for safety and efficiency before going on the market. That means not too much can go wrong, including injury or your device breaking, as long as you take care of and regularly maintain your vaporizer. To be on the safe side, though, here are some vaporizer pen safety tips from a local vape shop in Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Carrying your pen around? Turn it off: There’s a reason why your vaporizer pen can be locked or switched off—that reason is safety. Many vape users carry their devices around on their person when not in use, but when they’re carried around like this, there is a chance they could accidentally fire. This may result in ruined coils, stressed batteries or a more serious issue. To help prevent such issues, lock or turn off the battery when carrying your vape pen around.
  • Use the manufacturer’s charger: The biggest source of problems with vaporizer pens is related to the charger. Even though manufacturers put their products through rigorous tests to prevent issues with chargers, defective parts can still make it through, and things can go wrong. To reduce the risk of charging problems, only use the charger that came with your pen. Need a replacement charger? Instead of buying a cheaper off-brand option with a similar power rating, get a manufacturer recommended replacement to avoid safety issues.
  • Avoid overcharging the device: Although vape pen manufacturers make their chargers in such a way that pens cannot be overcharged, you should still remove your device from the charging dock once it’s fully charged. Most vape pen chargers have LED indicator lights that turn from red to green, or you can simply check if the light on the fire button has turned off.
  • Don’t charge it unattended: Most vaporizer pens charge pretty quickly, so you probably won’t need to leave yours on the charger overnight. Good thing, since you shouldn’t leave it charging unattended or while you sleep! Again, even though a problem like this is less likely to happen when you use a quality vape pen that’s been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, it’s better to charge your device when you’ll be present.
  • Deal with e-juice spills: Your pleasure may be an e-juice vapor pen. If this is the case, it’s imperative you are aware that nicotine can absorb through your skin. It’s for this reason that any and all e-liquid spills need to be cleaned up immediately. Warm soapy water should do the trick, but bigger spills may require rubbing alcohol. Clean e-juice spills from skin right away and change out of soiled clothes.

Although serious issues are not likely to happen with quality, well-maintained vape pens, it’s still important that you take the necessary steps to stay safe when using and charging it. If you are looking for a vape shop in Scottsdale, AZ with a selection of vaporizers and vape accessories, come over to Coughing Canary!

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