How Long Should I Expect My Vape Coil to Last?

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The atomizer head, frequently called the atomizer coil or simply the vape coil, is arguably the most important part of any e-cigarette or vaping device. The vape coil consists of a thin wire and a wick. It’s capable of rapidly heating up, causing any liquid on the wick to vaporize instantly and become easy to inhale. The quality of your coil will often determine how smooth each hit is that you take off of your vape device.

While vape coils are an exceptionally important component of any vape device, they’re often overlooked in favor of device modifications and different types of juices. Learning how to care for your coil, however, can help you extend its lifespan and allow you to continue taking clean, fresh hits for the foreseeable future.

Generally speaking, vape coils in Scottsdale, AZ will need to be replaced once every one to four weeks, depending on your usage, how well you care for the coil and the type of vape juice that you’re smoking.

Following these helpful hints can help you extend the life of your vape coil in Scottsdale, AZ and ensure that you’re making the most of your investment in vaping technology:

  • Prime the coils: Before you begin using a new coil, make sure to carefully prime it for use. Thoroughly wet the wick, and then pull on your vape device without pressing the fire button to saturate the wick entirely. Break in the coil by starting at a lower wattage, and working your way up to your desired strength.
  • Don’t over-fire: When vaping, always be careful to avoid over-pressing the fire button. Holding down on the fire button could result in a dry hit after you’re done inhaling, resulting in wasted juice and a burned coil.
  • Wait between hits: Always wait at least five seconds in between hits on your vape device. This allows your coil to cool down, and it allows the wick to absorb more vape juice from within the reservoir. This cool-down period is essential. Without it, the wick may not absorb enough juice, and you may burn the coil.
  • Never let your tank run dry: Dry firing is always going to be detrimental to your vape coils in Scottsdale, AZ. Always refill your vape tank while it’s at least a quarter of the way full—this will help you avoid a dry-fire and ensure that your coil is always evenly coated in juice.
  • Clean the coil: Don’t neglect cleaning your coil on a regular basis! Rinsing it in hot running water regularly can help eliminate any burned juice or residue that’s stuck to the coil. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before reinstalling it on your vaping device.

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