Your Guide to Glass Pipes in Scottsdale, AZ

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Traditional glass pipes are a staple. For many, they’re the first piece they ever use. That’s because a glass pipe is convenient, compact and simple. Others opt for glass pipes because they provide a great delivery, the ideal throat hit and the perfect amount of plumage. But choosing a new glass pipe can be a bit overwhelming with so many different options available. Luckily, the team at Coughing Canary is here to help. Read on to learn all you need to know about the different types of glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ that we carry before heading to our smoke shop!

Spoon pipes

Spoon pipes, which are also known as hand pipes, earned their name because they’re shaped like the utensil. Their construction is relatively simple, as the piece is composed of a bowl, carb and mouthpiece. The small size makes spoon pipes a classic. It’s small, light and fits perfectly in the hand, which makes it a great choice for tucking into a purse or pocket. The hand pipes come in a variety of colors and sizes, and may even some fun additions. Each artist will have their own unique spin on this classic pipe.


Are you constantly on the go? Then the chillum may be the pipe for you! A chillum, which is also known as a one-hitter, is designed for smoking on the run. You can smoke quickly and discreetly without anyone ever noticing. This pipe is primarily a small, straight tube of glass that’s shaped like a cigar. It’s designed to hold one personal-sized bowl. They might be small, but they’re super effective. Chillums come in a variety of different colors and designs. Choose between a cost-effective option to get the job done or invest in a higher quality piece if you often indulge in sneaking a hit while out and about.

Sherlock pipe

The name of this pipe was inspired by the famously-shaped smoking pipe the great detective Sherlock Holmes puffed away on as he tried to solve the latest mystery. The Sherlock pipe features the same signature shape, which results in an incredibly comfortable smoking experience. The pipe has an extended tube that curves down and then back up again. Not only does this design look cool, but it also moves the bowl away from the face, which will help smokers avoid accidentally burning their nose or hair. This pipe tends to be a bit larger than hand pipes, but they’re always great to break out at a party.


Looking for the benefits of water filtration without the hassle of a bong? Bubblers have the added benefit of water filtration while still being compact. The bowl is built into the pipe, instead of the removable bowl piece found in bongs. It’s a versatile choice for the smoker who wants the benefits of a bong without the bulk.

Ready to start shopping for new glass pipes in Scottsdale, AZ? Stop by Coughing Canary today to check out our large selection of glass pipes, e-cigarettes, bongs and more!

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