Why Your E-Juice in Scottsdale, AZ Tastes Bad

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Every vaper has a different experience when they use e-juice in Scottsdale, AZ, but e-juice shouldn’t taste bad. If you’ve noticed that your e-juice has a bad taste—or no taste at all—you might be wondering what’s wrong with your vaporizer or your e-juice cartridge. There isn’t a single answer to this question, but there are a few primary reasons why you might be experiencing this issue. Read on to find out more about why you might be encountering this problem.

What causes bad tastes?

No matter what kind of e-juice you use, it’s possible for you to have problems with bad taste, or a lack of taste. Oftentimes, vapers experience a burning taste or a metallic taste when there’s something wrong with their e-juice or vaporizer. The good news is that there are also things you can do to combat this problem and restore the taste of your e-juice:

  • Dry wick: One of the most common reasons why vapers experience a burnt taste is because of a dry wick. This occurs when there isn’t enough e-juice to wet the wick. Oftentimes, you can fix this problem simply by adding more e-juice to your vaporizer and ensuring that the coil is sufficiently wet before you use your device.
  • Loss of taste: Many vapers experience an issue when they vape too much without properly hydrating themselves. In some cases, you might temporarily lose your sense of taste altogether. To keep this from happening, it’s important to drink plenty of water before and after you vape so your mouth stays hydrated and your taste buds can function normally.
  • Old or burnt coil head: After lots of use, your coil head might be burnt or simply too old to function properly anymore. You can get rid of the burnt taste by replacing your coil head with a new one.
  • High temperature and wattage: If your temperature or wattage is too high, you’re more likely to end up with a burnt coil, which will produce a burnt taste when you use your vaporizer. You should adjust your wattage and temperature settings and consider investing in a temperature control mod for your device.
  • Dirty coils: Another common reason why vaporizers produce bad tastes is because of dirty coils. Regular cleaning is an essential aspect of e-cigarette maintenance. You should clean your coils regularly to get rid of built-up grime that might detract from the flavor of your e-juice. Not only does regular cleaning help improve the flavor of your e-juice, it can also improve the performance of your vaporizer.

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