The Vape Juice Flavor Ban

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If you like to vape, you’ve probably already heard of the Trump administration’s ban on flavored vape juice. In an effort to stop teens from getting hooked on the flavored tobacco product, many flavored vape juices are now banned. As of midnight on February 6, 2020, the vape juice flavor ban will go into effect in Scottsdale, AZ and around the country. Here’s what’s happening and who’s affected.

An answer to teen vaping

Nicotine addiction in teenagers has long been a concern, but the advent of vaping and e-cigarettes has thrown anti-smoking advocates for a loop. Thanks to a perception that vaping is healthier than traditional cigarettes, combined with the wide availability of flavored nicotine products, teen smoking is on the rise—some people go so far as to call it an epidemic.

Although anti-smoking groups would prefer to see a ban on all flavored vape juice, including menthol, they’ll have to settle for a ban on flavored e-cig cartridges. Fruit, “dessert” and mint flavors are only available as flavored liquid nicotine for open tank systems—and you can only buy them at vape shops. Lobbyists hope that this will severely cut down on teens’ access to the flavored vape juice, particularly because teens tend to prefer smaller vaping devices.

What’s actually banned?

Although originally the Trump administration wanted to take the ban further, the only thing that’s actually banned right now are flavored, pre-filled e-cigarette pods, with the exception of tobacco and menthol flavors. You can still buy flavored liquid vape juice, as well as flavored disposable e-cigarettes.

Of note is the fact that the policy states that the FDA will target “any product” that they find to market to minors—so they may turn their attention to banning flavored disposable e-cigs next, given how many teens are switching over to those now that flavored cartridges are banned.

Starting in May 2020, vape manufacturers will have to submit their products to the FDA to get approval, which could result in further bans, or products being taken off the market for other reasons. If the company submits their products before the deadline, they can stay on the market for a year while the FDA reviews their applications—but that’s no guarantee the product will be approved. In other words, if there’s a vape product you can’t live without, you might want to start stocking up before May 2021.

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