Can You Use Vape Juice After Its Expiration Date?

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With the proliferation of vape products on the market, it’s clear that vaping is here to stay—whether you think it’s a healthier alternative to smoking or you just plain enjoy it, it’s still important to keep updated on the latest news about vaping. Vape juice expiration in Scottsdale, AZ is a hot topic—can you still use expired vape juice? And if you do, are there any potential side effects?

Expiration dates

You likely wouldn’t eat out-of-date eggs or drink sour milk, but many people don’t realize that vape juice comes with an expiration date, too. But does that just mean it’s not as “fresh,” or is it actually dangerous?

Here’s the good news: it won’t kill you. Vape juice expiration dates are more like a suggestion, but there are some things you can expect once it’s past its prime. First, it won’t be as fresh. For many people, that’s just fine, especially if they’re vaping to work through a nicotine addiction and not for the pleasure of it. You can expect both the taste and smell to fade over time.

Second, the color and bottle might change. This won’t really have an effect on your vaping experience, unless you’re wedded to that specific color or bottle.

Finally, and most importantly, the effects of the nicotine will fade. Many people vape instead of smoke because it’s slightly less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you’re using expired vape juice, you might notice that it’s not soothing your nicotine cravings like it used to—and that can cause major problems for some people.

Properly storing vape juice

If you want to extend the life of your vape juice, just make sure to store it properly. Like beer and wine, it should be stored in a cool, dry place—and unlike beer or wine, anything you’re not using should be shaken each day.

Ultimately, the smartest thing you can do is buy vape juice as you need it instead of stocking up and potentially letting hundreds of dollars go to waste. As you probably already know, it’s not cheap, so the key to keeping your investment safe is to be savvy, store it in a cool, dry place and make sure you use it as soon as possible.

If your vape juice does expire, don’t worry—you can either vape it and see if it still has the intended effect, or throw it away. Just make sure that if you’re getting close to the date, you store it in the dark and shake it every day.

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