Five Recommended Cannabis Pipes

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Unlike bubblers, hand pipes are portable, reliable and easy to use. Also called “dry pipes,” hand pipes are made to cool and filter the smoke using structure rather than water. You will avoid the harsh hit while also enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Here are the best pipes in Scottsdale, AZ for 2020:

  • The Path Pipe: Made in California, the Path Pipe by Smoke Honest combines the best in high tech and aesthetics. It is a discreet pipe and nearly indestructible, as it is made of solid aluminum. The pipe offers an intricate path pattern that cools and filters every hit. You can bring a prepackaged bowl on the go and odors stay in the pipe. Its only disadvantages are the small bowl size and the price.
  • Donut Spoon: An affordable classic option, the Donut Spoon remains supreme in the cannabis market. It is a tried and true design, using a hollow glass tube to condense the smoke before you inhale. Another element to its popularity is the large bowl and a thumb-operated carb. You can choose from a variety of colors, especially when you visit a specialty shop like ours. However, Donut Spoons are fragile, and you’ll want a case for travel. They’re also difficult to clean unless you have access to running water.
  • Proto Pipe Classic: While it comes with a steep price tag, this classic design brings back the vibe of Woodstock. Made of brass, this design has been around since 1968, and it’s likely that Jimi Hendrix enjoyed his herb from something very similar to this. It will carry an extra bowl and includes a poker so you can push out clogs and move remnants to a smokable place. All that said, this can be a complicated pipe. It has a screen that needs cleaning and it is prone to clogging. However, many people cannot resist a classic!
  • Smoked Glass Steamroller: If you like to milk the bowl for an extra-potent hit, this is the pipe for you. It offers a sleek smoked glass design, and is equipped with small legs so it cannot roll away when you set it down. This makes it a good match for sitting around your home as well as on the go. The Steamroller is expensive for a glass pipe, and you still need a case when it travels, since it can break, but you will find it easy to clean and more durable than most glass pipes.
  • Twisty Glass Blunt: This is the newest development in cannabis enjoyment. A twisted brass insert allows the maze effect of other pipes and filters cannabis smoke well. The first hit will be the best, but as you use it, it becomes harsher, as less weed is filtered through the insert. It is a fun design, and once the pandemic ends, it is great to use in groups due to its capacity. But be careful—it is perfectly round and can roll off the table and shatter.

Coughing Canary is located in Scottsdale, AZ and offers the largest selection of smoking apparatuses in the state. Visit us today if you believe one of the best pipes for 2020 will work for you!

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