Herb Grinders: Why and How to Use Them

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Unlike a lot of smoking accessories, herb grinders in Scottsdale, AZ are thought of by many as being somewhat unnecessary. After all, what’s the point of grinding herb up if you’re just going to smoke it? Well, if you have to ask that question, you’ve clearly never used a grinder! Continue reading to learn more about the reasons to use a grinder and how to choose the right one for you:

  • Save time: The top reason to purchase a grinder is to save time. Breaking herb down to smokable pieces can be a time-consuming task, especially if it’s fresh. A grinder takes away all of that hassle. With just a few cranks, your herb will be ground into a fine consistency that’s perfect for rolling and smoking.
  • Slower burn: The fine consistency of freshly-ground herb is easier to roll and pack—and the tighter the roll, the slower the burn! Herb grinders in Scottsdale, AZ make your smoking experience more enjoyable by significantly slowing the burn rate.
  • Keep kief: When grinding your herb with certain grinders—which we’ll cover below—the potent crystal formations called kief are caught in a chamber. Stored kief can be used to top off bowls for a more potent smoking session or to make edibles.

How to use the different types of grinders

All grinders aren’t created equal—there are several different types on the market. While they all essentially perform the same function, they do work a bit differently. Here’s how to use the different styles of grinders:

  • Single chamber: A single-chamber grinder is probably the most common one on the market. Small and compact, it’s great for those on the go. It’s also easy to use—just put your flower between the teeth up top and twist.
  • Triple chamber: As the name suggests, a triple-chamber grinder has three chambers instead of one. To use it, place your herb up top and twist. The ground herb will drop into a second chamber with a mesh bottom. Give the grinder a shake, and all the kief will fall into the third chamber for storage. Save your kief for later use for a really fun smoking session!
  • Rotary crank: If you want a little bit more flair while grinding your herb, consider purchasing a rotary-crank grinder. These function the same way as the two grinders mentioned above, but they have a crank on the top.
  • Electric grinder: The grinders mentioned above take hardly any effort to use, but if you’d like to just touch a button to grind your herb, go with an electric grinder. Keep in mind that electric grinders are typically made of cheap plastic and are prone to jamming up.
  • Grater: A grater-style grinder works and looks almost identical to a cheese grater you’d use in your kitchen. While this grinder is effective, it’s a bit hazardous—be careful not to grind your fingers while using it!

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