What Are PG and VG Liquids?

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If you’re new to vaping, you might not understand the difference between PG and VG vape liquids in Scottsdale, AZ. While they both deliver the same general result, there are some important differences between the two. Not only do they produce some different effects, but some people find that one or the other irritates their throats less when they smoke. And, of course, you can combine the two liquids to make different blends, depending on the results you want.

What is PG liquid?

PG vape liquid is propylene glycol, which is colorless and almost odorless. This is a safe and non-toxic liquid that’s used in a variety of other consumer products beyond vape liquid. In fact, if you’ve ever seen the effects of a fog machine, that’s due to propylene glycol—its properties make it very easy to vaporize. It’s also used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, among other products.

What is VG liquid?

VG liquid is vegetable glycerin, which is also colorless and odorless. It tends to be sweeter and has a higher viscosity than PG liquid. It’s safe, non-toxic, edible and is often used as a preservative. Both VG and PG liquids are safe to inhale, but they produce different effects.

Differences between PG and VG liquids

Here’s a closer look at some of the key characteristics distinguishing PG and VG liquids:

  • Allergies: Unfortunately, some people are sensitive or allergic to PG—which means that if you’ve tried PG vaping and it has irritated your throat and sinuses, you may have an allergy. Luckily, VG is usually a great alternative for most people. If it’s a mild allergy, you may be able to mix smaller amounts of PG with VG liquid to balance out the allergy component with PG’s other benefits.
  • Flavor: PG is usually better for carrying flavor, thanks to its flavorless nature. VG is slightly sweet, which can affect the taste of your vape hit. Some vapes will allow you to adjust the settings to boost the flavor, so you can play around with that if you’re a strictly VG kind of person. However, it’s such a minimal difference that you probably won’t notice.
  • Throat hit: PG gives a stronger “throat hit,” which makes it feel more similar to actual smoking. For anyone trying to wean themselves off cigarettes, this is a smart option—it gives you some of the same sensations, but is generally safer. If PG is too irritating, however, VG liquid should be a satisfying option.
  • Vapor production: If you like big clouds of vapor, VG liquid is your best bet. This helps replicate the sensations of smoking, so many users enjoy VG liquid over PG, even if they find the flavor to be better.
  • Wicking: Finally, wicking—how well the vape juice soaks into your wick—is important. PG is a thinner liquid and soaks into the wick easily, whereas VG is viscous and can take longer to soak into the wick, which means you might get some dry hits.

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