The Pros and Cons of Dabbing with a Nectar Collector

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Have you tried smoking with a nectar collector in Scottsdale, AZ? If not, you could be missing out on a fantastic smoking experience. Nectar collectors are becoming an increasingly popular way to dab, which means you have one more option to find the best smoking experience ever. Whether you’re used to dabbing or you want to give it a try with this portable, handy new type of dab rig, it’s worth checking out.

Read on to learn more about nectar collectors and why you’ll like them.

What is a nectar collector?

Nectar collectors are a type of self-contained dab rig, which allows you to smoke highly concentrated sticky cannabis extract. Nectar collectors are also known as honey straws or percolating dab straws.

To use a nectar collector, all you need is a device to heat the tip and a dish or jar to put the dab in. Some people need to experiment when they first start using a nectar collector—since there’s no temperature control, you’ll need to experiment with heat and your dabbing technique. Once you find a method that works for you, however, you’re guaranteed a cleaner, smoother smoking experience that you can take with you.

Before you run out to buy a new nectar collector, though, keep in mind that there are certain pros and cons to using these devices. You might want to add one to your collection in Scottsdale, AZ, but sometimes a dab rig will be more effective.

Pros and cons of dabbing with a nectar collector

One of the best parts about a nectar collector is the self-contained design. Instead of juggling multiple parts, all you need is a heat source and a plate or jar. The nectar collector does the rest. The phrase “tip, dip and sip” is one way users describe the dabbing process—what could be easier? Plus, because you put the tip right in the jar or on the plate, you won’t waste any of your expensive shatter.

Another mark in the “pro” column is that nectar collectors are spill-proof. That means that you won’t have to worry about dumping dab water all over yourself (or someone else) when you’re using it. They’re also easier to clean, and you can take them with you anywhere.

However, there are a few drawbacks, too. Some people find that the design is too unwieldy to use. The design also means that the components can detach, since they’re not secured. There’s no temperature control, so you’ll probably have to experiment before you find the perfect method.

Some people also say that the hit isn’t the same high quality as you’d get with a dab rig, although the portability more than makes up for it. You’ll have to determine that for yourself—others swear by nectar collectors.

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