Why Is Rosin So Popular?

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In recent years, rosin has become a leading product in the cannabis industry here in Scottsdale, AZ. The reality is that people are looking for a cleaner, purer product that’s free of harsh chemicals. That’s where rosin comes into play—and now more and more new products are hitting the market that are meeting consumer demands. So, if you’re wondering, “Why is rosin so popular?”, just read on to find out how this product lives up to the hype.

How is rosin made?

A product that was formerly made popular among violinists is now a crucial part of the cannabis world. Rosin is a method of extraction that removes resin from a wide range of marijuana products like the flower, dry sift kief, hash and shake.

This process involves the use of a combination of intense heat and pressure to generate a hash oil that uses no solvents by means of a rosin press or a home-designed process. This technique results in the product’s oil being released from trichome heads, which in turn creates a high-terpene melt. The yield becomes a yellow sap that has a high level of potency. This process takes mere seconds to complete.

How did rosin become such a big deal?

For many years, rosin has been popular in the DIY community. Recent technological advances have led to it being made via an intricate machine-based process. Rosin has the possibility of going over 90 percent potency. The end result is that rosin compares favorably to other concentrate products on the market.

How is rosin different than butane hash oil?

Rosin is often compared to butane hash oil (BHO). While both have similarities and fall within the same class of cannabis-related products, the extraction method used varies. Rosin is made without using solvents, whereas BHO does use them.

The use of butane effectively removes all cannabinoids from the terpenes. This deadens some of the effects. BHO is also a less quick method, as it’s necessary to purge the butane before the concentrate becomes fit for consumption. Lastly, of course, many consumers aren’t interested in the harsh chemicals used in BHO.

Rosin is simply a more artisanal experience made by those looking to have the best of the best. It requires the use of a quality flower that has to pass microbial and contamination testing. It’s not a mass-produced, commercial product like BHO. It’s a healthier, more natural product that’s changing the game for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

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