What’s a Sneak-a-Toke Pipe?

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There are hundreds (or even thousands) of different smoking devices out there to choose from. One of the favorites of novices and long-time smokers alike is the sneak-a-toke pipe. Also known as a low-profile pipe, this device is easy to use on the go for quick hits throughout the day.

Continue reading to learn more about sneak-a-toke pipes and find the right one for you.

Advantages of a sneak-a-toke pipe

You can’t discount the benefits of a sneak-a-toke pipe. Here are a few reasons to consider using low-profile pipes in Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Smell-proof: As the name suggests, these devices are great for sneaking a toke because they don’t emit much of an aroma, as the herb doesn’t stay lit for very long. Smokers can quickly take a hit without any folks around them noticing.
  • Easy concealment: These pipes are also perfect for smoking on the go because they’re compact and come with a lid. Once you sneak your toke, place the cap back on the device, and slide it into your backpack, purse or even your pocket.
  • Quick cleanup: Cleaning out a glass pipe can be a time-consuming hassle. That’s not the case with a low-profile metal pipe. Each device comes with a mesh screen to catch resin, so all you need to do is swap out the screen to keep the pipe in like-new condition.
  • Affordability: High-end glassware can set you back a few hundred dollars, but if you’re looking for a pipe that’ll get the job done for just a few bucks, consider a sneak-a-toke Since they’re so cheap, you don’t have to worry about accidentally misplacing these pipes.

Why shop at the Coughing Canary?

You can get a sneak-a-toke pipe in Scottsdale, AZ at a ton of different stores, but make sure you come to the Coughing Canary. Here are a few reasons to buy from us:

  • Selection: Nobody has a wider selection of smoking devices than us—and we carry much more than that, too! Come to the Coughing Canary for e-cigs, vaporizers, cigars and much more. We’re truly a one-stop shop for all of your smoking needs.
  • Prices: There’s no reason to overpay for sneak-a-toke pipes, glassware and other smoking devices and accessories. We have some of the lowest prices in town for all of our products, so you can shop knowing you’re getting the best deal.
  • Helpful staff members: Not all customers walk into our store knowing exactly what they want or need—and that’s okay when you come to the Coughing Canary. Our team is well versed on all of our products and able to answer any of your questions.

Come on down today

If you’re looking for low-profile pipes in Scottsdale, AZ, glassware or any other smoking devices, pay a visit to the Coughing Canary today. Our team members are glad to assist you and help you find the perfect pipe for your needs. We’re proud to carry a huge selection of products—we’d love to see you soon!

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