Benefits of Using a Steamroller Pipe

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Steamroller pipes continue to be one of the most popular smoking methods—and for good reason. Benefits of using a steamroller pipe include the fact that they’re versatile, that they come in many different sizes and that they don’t look conspicuous. If you haven’t already, consider adding a steamroller pipe to your collection.

Many smokers wonder about the benefits of steam rollers vs spoon pipes and other pipes. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about steamroller pipes and their advantages.

Using a steamroller pipe

While steamroller pipes resemble a regular glass pipe, you actually use them more like a bong. Simply cover the carb with your hand and place your mouth at the other end. Light the herb, and wait until the chamber is full of smoke before removing your hand.

Steamroller pipes are simple to use and allow time for the smoke to cool down before it hits your mouth, meaning it’ll be less harsh on your throat and lungs.

The only thing to consider with steamroller pipes is they create large hits. Beginners would probably be better off trying a regular glass or wood pipe instead. If you’re an experienced smoker looking to take things to the next level, pick up a steamroller pipe at your local smoke shop.

What makes a steamroller pipe better?

When comparing steam rollers vs spoon pipes, you’ll likely find that there are more benefits of using a steamroller pipe. For example, a steamroller pipe is much easier to use than many other smoking accessories. Thanks to its simplicity and small size, you won’t need to always have water and rolling papers on hand. You can simply pull it out and start smoking.

You also don’t have to use as much product when using a steamroller pipe to smoke. When using a pipe or bong, you can lose some of that smoke by failing to clear the chamber. This isn’t a problem with steamroller pipes, allowing you to get the most out of your product.

Another major benefit of using a steamroller pipe is they almost always provide big hits, especially compared to regular pipes. When smoking with steamroller pipes, you don’t lose any smoke.

Lastly, steamroller pipes are much easier to clean than other smoking accessories. All you have to do is run some warm water through your steamroller pipe to remove tar. Brush the inside with a pipe cleaner to get rid of any leftover residue.

Find the perfect steamroller pipe

Now that you know the advantages of steam rollers vs spoon pipes and other smoking accessories, you might be wondering where to find one. Before hitting your local smoke shop, do some research on different steamroller models to see which one may work best for your needs. You can also ask one of your local smoke shop’s staff members for their recommendation.

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