Best Vape Tanks for the Most Flavor

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Enhancing your vaping experience requires you to purchase devices and accessories to preserve and thicken the flavor. Some vape tanks are designed to give users a great cloud of flavor. Here’s some information about the best vape tanks for the most delight:

What Makes a Vaping Device Good for Flavor?

Several factors can make one vaping device better than another one for flavor. One factor is whether it has added leak protection. The problem with many devices is that they aren’t crafted well. The flavor then escapes out of the imperfections and gives the user a weak pull or a loss of taste. Therefore, you will need to search for a unit with a leak protection mechanism. 

The airflow makes a difference in the taste as well. The flavor quality is limited in devices with a lot of airflow going to the coil. However, some manufacturers design vaping mechanisms with adjustments that allow users to control the airflow. You can invest in one of those and then experiment with it until you find the airflow you desire. 

The coils can contribute to a boost or loss of taste in a vaping device. Low-resistance coils tend to give users much more flavor than other types. Additionally, you’ll need to pay attention to the atomizer head. Selecting a device with a sub-ohm tank and a small-bore coil is the way to go when trying to preserve the flavor for yourself. 

Which Vape Tanks Preserve the Flavor?

These are some of the tanks users recommend for getting the most flavor out of a vaping device:

The Vaporesso iTank

The Vaporesso iTank is rated 9.5 out of 10 stars by users and has four out of five "clouds" for vapor production quality. It’s compatible with numerous coils; thus, you can try different ones to see which coils give you the most flavor. The unit also has an improved main airflow system and two ejuice capacities. You can expect to pay an average of $25 for it. 

Horizon Falcon King

The Horizon Falcon King is a sub-ohm device with a gorgeously colorful design. What makes it great for flavor is its long-lasting coils and quick heat-up time. You can buy one for about $30. 

Uwell Valyrian II Pro Sub Ohm Tank

The Uwell Valyrian II Pro Sub Ohm Tank has the greatest user ratings and respect. It has the ability to hold a high amount of juice. More importantly, it has bamboo fiber coils and a self-cleaning mechanism. The unit costs about $40, which is an excellent investment for the quality. Users praise this particular device for being leak-free and providing a blast of rich flavor. Some clients say it’s a durable item as well. It doesn’t sound like you’ll be making a bad choice if you buy one.  

Now you have some ideas about how you can get the most flavor out of your vaping device. Use the information above to choose a vape shop device for yourself that will enhance your experience and give you a cloud of deliciousness. 

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