Lighter Leash – How To Stop Losing Your Lighter

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Is there anything more frustrating for a smoker to reach down for their lighter and find they’ve lost another one somewhere? Whether you enjoy tobacco or legal cannabis, not being able to light up when you want will frustrate you and force another lighter-buying run. However, many smoking accessories stores, like an online smoke shop, sell the Lighter Leash, a useful device that keeps your lighter by you at all times.

What Is the Lighter Leash?

The Lighter Leash is a registered product with a simple clip that holds your lighter to a 32-inch nylon cord. This cord can quickly retract into a reel after you pull it out without having to use any special action. The clip can then attach to your belt, backpack, purse, or anywhere else on your person. Adding the Lighter Leash to your smoking rigs can help you out by:

  • Ensuring You Always Have a Lighter: The Lighter Leash is adaptable with many lighter brands, including the always-popular inexpensive Bic models. As a result, you’ll always have a lighter when you want to smoke, cutting back on those annoying gas station trips.
  • Keeping Your Lighter Protected: The sheath on the Lighter Leash protects your lighter and keeps it from getting damaged. Furthermore, the cord pulls the lighter back after you’re done, tucking it up near your body and keeping it safe from getting lost and protected from damage.
  • Improving Your Smoking Experience: Whether you’re outside on a smoke break or enjoying some cannabis with your friends, the Lighter Leash will make you popular with your smoking partners. You’ll always have a lighter they can use, meaning they’ll come to you when you smoke.
  • Saving You Money: While a Bic lighter is obviously not an expensive purchase, losing one every other day will cut your smoking budget. The Lighter Leash ensures you get the most life out of your lighter by keeping it from getting lost and improving your overall spending habits.
  • Reducing Dropping Risk: Have you ever dropped your lighter when you thought you were putting it in your pocket? Something like 90% of all lighter loss happens in this way. The lighter leash prevents this problem by keeping your lighter from falling out of your pocket.

Even if you don’t need smoking accessories or don’t smoke, visit a smoke shop to find the Lighter Leash. After all, there are many reasons people use lighters in their day-to-day lives. You might need to regularly use the lighter to light a pilot flame. Or you may like camping or setting up outdoor bonfires during the summer. The Lighter Leash keeps your lighter close to you always.

In this way, it might be wise to find a smoking accessories store or smoke shop that sells this product. The Lighter Leash is available in many stores, particularly online, and often comes in bulk packages. Buying a three-pack might be a good gift choice if you have a lot of smokers in your life.

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