A Beginner’s Guide to Hookahs

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There are some major things that you need to know about your hookahs and the hookah shop that you decide to go to. At the Coughing Canary, you can find everything you might find at Hookah Shisha, and you can find it more easily in most cases. Today, we want to provide you with the best tips for how to use your hookah device, particularly if you are a newer user. 

Use Heavy-Duty Foil

Many people opt for thinner foil because they can save a few dollars. However, you will dramatically improve your hookah consumption experience by using heavy-duty foil. The problem with thinner sheets is that they allow the hookah to burn out much faster than it would with a more heavy-duty foil. Thus, you will want to opt for the slow burn that comes with heavy-duty foil to get a more lasting experience. 

Put the Foil on Tight

If you keep the foil on tight, you won’t risk losing too much flavor to the air pockets that might otherwise exist if you don’t put that foil on as tightly as you can. It is in your best interest to make sure you put the foil on in a way that will last. 

Many people place the foil on loosely and end up losing out a tremendous amount of the flavor from their hookah. 

Go With Natural Coals

There are many coal options on the market, and many people jump at the quick-lit experience they can get with some of the mass market coals out there. However, try to do what you can to get natural coconut coals to help instantly improve your smoking experience. It is one of those things that can dramatically alter how you enjoy your smoking experience, and that is a big deal for anyone who wants a more fulfilling experience when it comes to hookah smoking. 

Keep Your Hookah Clean

You will do much better if you can keep your hookah smoking devices clean and clear of any debris that could come up in the pipe. If your pipe is clean, you will best be able to taste all of the flavors of the hookah you are consuming. That is very important to many people who want to savor the flavors they have paid for. Naturally, people will want to get the most powerful experience they can from their hookah, and a great way to do this is to keep the pipe as clean as possible. 

Be Mindful of Your Water Levels

You must measure the water levels that you use to smoke your hookah. You do not want to overfill anything, but you also don’t want the water levels to drop down too low either. There is a delicate balance that you must strike, and the best way to do so is to keep a careful eye on where your water level is by always monitoring how high or low it is. Try to find that happy medium. 

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