Best Cannabis Accessories of 2022

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More states are considering legalizing marijuana for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. Several states have legalization propositions on the ballot, and the federal government is letting people out of prison for possession convictions in federal courts.

It all adds up to the greater availability of cannabis and smoking accessories. Whether you are new to cannabis or highly experienced, you might consider obtaining one or more of the following accessories to make your experience even better.

Stiletto Joint Holder

You might have seen classic movies in which movie stars like Audrey Hepburn smoked a slender cigarette from a sleek and elegant stiletto holder. The idea is to keep the burning cigarette away from the fingers. It does the trick and works equally well with a joint.

Instead of making your hands and fingers smell all smoky, you can try a stiletto designed for smoking cannabis cigarettes instead of tobacco. You could find ones large enough for blunts or small enough for smaller doobies that you might prefer when you roll your own.

Kief-Catching Grinder

No matter how you smoke it, a grinder makes it a lot easier to turn your killer bud into manageable weed for rolling or packing into a bowl. You can quickly separate the stems and seeds if you encounter a strain that has them.

Look for a grinder that has a large metal screen and open holes in the bottom of the grinder’s receptacle. The holes and screen enable kief to collect in the kief-catcher at the bottom of the grinder. Quality kief is an outstanding cannabis byproduct that quite happily will kick you where it counts.

Decorative Storage Case

A good smoke shop should have containers available for storing your smoking accessories. You can stash your roach clips, rolling papers, pipes screen, and much more in your storage case. Small pipes, one-hitters, and even some buds can rest quite happily while tucked away safely for your next smoke out.

Double-Duty Pipe

A hand pipe for smoking cannabis can look very decorative and provide you with additional use when you are not smoking. Two good examples are decorative pipes that double as incense holders. If you enjoy burning incense as well as cannabis, such pipes would be doubly useful.

You also might consider a large decorative pipe that also doubles as a holder for reasonably small dry flower arrangements. Ceramic or glass pipes can hold dry flowers in the mouthpiece with a bowl strategically placed in an inconspicuous spot. When you are not smoking with it, it blends in with the background and hides in plain sight.

Decorative Ashtray

Using a cigarette ashtray for your cannabis can be unpleasant if it is usually full of cigarette butts. A decorative ashtray for marijuana is one of the most useful smoking accessories. Something durable and decorative will do nicely.

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