How To Roll a Blunt: A Step-by-Step Guide

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There are many ways to smoke, but few offer the satisfaction, joy, and "cool factor" of blunts. The key to a great blunt, however, has to do with three primary factors; the quality of the smoke, the quality of the paper, and the roll. At the Coughing Canary smoke shop, we are here to help. 

If you have never tried or smoked a blunt, then it is time. If you have smoked blunts, but have never tried to roll on, no worries — we have you covered. As your local Scottsdale head shop, we have everything you need to smoke better, including tips like how to roll a blunt.

Step-by-Step Guide for Rolling a Blunt

Rolling a blunt will take practice, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here is what you need to know to roll the perfect blunt.

It Starts With Quality

You could be the best blunt-rolling maniac on the planet, but regardless of your blunt-rolling skills, it won’t fix less-than-quality smoke. In other words, before you begin rolling your blunt, start by using high-quality smoke.

Not All Cigars Are Created Equal

While most cigars will suffice, there is the possibility of getting cheaper or cheaply made cigars. Be careful of using substandard cigars for your blunts because some cigar wraps are less worthy and difficult to use.

Gut the Cigar

Once you have the necessary equipment, e.g., a good cigar and quality smoke, it is time to get started. The first step is to open up the cigar and empty the tobacco. Make a straight cut the length of the cigar to open up the cigar wrap. Simply empty the contents of the cigar, and be careful to clean away any remaining tobacco leaves.

Evenly Break or Grind Your Smoke

Many people choose to use grinders, while others still prefer breaking up their smoke by hand. Either way is equally sufficient, provided you break the smoke up evenly. This step will help the cigar to burn more evenly.

Fill the Cigar Wrap

Now it is time to put your smoke into the cigar wrap. The key is to avoid overfilling the wrap. It is also important to evenly distribute the smoke in the wrap.

Seal and Close

Once the wrap is filled, be sure to thoroughly moisten the edge of the wrap. If you are using a filter, remember to leave one end open. Now, close the wrap, rolling it tightly. Be sure to hold the wet edge down and press for a few seconds. You may need to press and hold a little longer for more stubborn points.

If you use a filter, slide it into the open end, wet the edge, and seal the end to secure the tip. Allow the blunt to dry completely, and enjoy. Contact us at the Coughing Canary smoke shop for all your smoking needs. 

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