What Is RSO Oil Used For?

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When people come to us at the Coughing Canary, they know that we are more than just a head shop. We are actively working to help them understand the various products that they can potentially purchase from us. Many people are initially overwhelmed when they enter a smoke shop and don’t know what all they are looking at. Fortunately, our team can easily help them get the products and services that they require. Today, we will share some details about what RSO oil is used for. 

RSO Oil: What Is It All About? 

RSO oil is great for delivering a concentrated amount of therapeutic cannabis plant compounds. Sometimes it is necessary to ensure that one receives the cannabis plant compounds they require right when they need them. They might want to obtain the relief that they can only receive by getting the cannabis products that they need into their system ASAP. It is understandable that they might want to use RSO oil to make the process as quick as possible. This is why it is a product that we offer. 

How To Use RSO Oil

Typically, users will either orally ingest RSO oil or apply it to their skin topically. Either way, they can receive the boost that they require from RSO oil and enjoy the cannabis compounds contained within. 

Others decide that they want to mix their RSO oil with their food, and they can do that as well. Just blend it in with the foods that you enjoy the most, and you can be well on your way to getting a nice RSO oil boost while eating your favorite foods. 

Start Slow With RSO Oil

Just like with any new substance you introduce to your body, it is best to start slowly and build your way up. Ideally, you should only take a small amount of RSO oil into your body initially. You need to ensure that your body can handle the load you have put on it before increasing the dosage any higher. Most likely, you will be just fine, but it is always best to allow your body to have the time it needs to adjust to the introduction of something new. 

If you decide that the RSO oil you are using is not enough at its current dosage, then never increase it by more than about one grain of rice worth. That will allow you to once again adjust to the THC contained within the RSO oil and be sure that it remains at appropriate levels for your body. 

You can gain a lot by using RSO oil in your life, but only when you are committed to consuming it responsibly and within the limits that you set for yourself. As long as you are comfortable committing to that, you should have no problems experiencing RSO oil in the ways it was meant to be enjoyed. 


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