Best Vape Coils for the Biggest Clouds

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Here at Coughing Canary, we are a vape shop that cares about our clients’ satisfaction. We know that many people are eager to get involved with vape coils and vape products of all kinds, and we want to encourage them in that journey. In so doing, we also want to ensure that they fully understand what vape coils are and how they might provide them with a rewarding experience when it comes to consuming vape products. 

Creating the Best Vape Cloud

Vaping and using e-cigarette products is a habit that has become very popular with many people all around the world. Plenty have picked it up as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and they can avoid the nicotine contained in traditional cigarettes by doing so. Thus, the popularity of vaping continues to rise. 

People who vape often like to see who can make the largest vape cloud when they blow the smoke from their lungs. It is fun to do, and it creates an experience that many strive to have when they are vaping. Thus, they need to know a bit about the three parts that make up a vaping device. Those parts are: 

  • A tank
  • A battery
  • A coil

What Types of Coils Are Available? 

There are different vape coils that one can use and enjoy. A few of the most common types of these coils include the following: 

  • Staple coil
  • Clapton coil
  • Fused Clapton coil
  • Parallel coil
  • Twisted coil

These coils can all be used to vape and to create the vape clouds that so many are looking for when they partake in these products. It is a good idea to experiment with different types of coils to see which ones work best for you.

How To Make Giant Vape Clouds

Many people are impressed by making giant vape clouds, and the best way to get it done is to use a combination of the following tactics and products: 

  • Use high VG-Vegetable Glycerin liquid
  • Keep your coils cleaned regularly
  • Try using multiple coils
  • Use coils that are low resistance 
  • Look for coils with a significant surface area

As you can see, a lot of it comes down to the types of coils you use. If you are adamant about getting the largest vape clouds that you possibly can, then there is no question that you need to apply the right types of coils and use them appropriately. You can certainly make incredibly large vape clouds by simply working on using the vape coils that make a real difference. 

These coils are available at our shop, and our team can always assist you with getting the kind of coil you need to make the giant vape clouds you are looking for. It is all about making sure you end up with the perfect giant vape cloud that will impress your friends and those you want to show off to. 

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