How To Care For Your Hookah

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If you are an experienced hookah pipe smoker, you probably know how to clean and care for your trusted pipe, or pipes. If you are new to the hookah pipe, you might not be so familiar. Either way, the benefits of cleaning and caring for your hookah are worth it, and you will notice a difference in your hookah experience too.

From newbies to old pros, hookah pipe cleaning isn’t optional. Here is what you want to know and how to clean hookah pipe parts from top to bottom. 

How To Clean Your Hookah Pipe

You should clean your hookah pipe regularly. Typically, that means once a month for regular smokers and as often as every couple of weeks for the more hard-core dedicated smokers. A clean and well-maintained hookah will allow for an easier draw. It will enable the full flavor of your smoke to come through, and keep your hookah looking great.

The first step in thoroughly cleaning your hookah is to disassemble the primary components. That includes the base, hose, bowl, and tray. If you aren’t comfortable or if you don’t know how to take your hookah apart, feel free to contact help from the pros at the Coughing Canary. 

Cleaning the Base

To clean the base, it is easiest to use a two-step process. Start by submerging the base in simmering water for 3 to 4 minutes. This will soften any residue like tar and resin in the bowl. Then, using a piece of steel wool, clean the dirty areas and rinse. Finish cleaning the bowl with two tablespoons and one teaspoon of baking soda mix. Swirl them in warm water at the bottom of the bowl, then clean and rinse.

Cleaning the Hose (and Stem)

Gently but firmly bang your hose against your hand, then blow through one end. Next, run warm soapy water through the hose, then blow through it again. You can use a pen or coat hanger to push a piece of rag through the hose before giving it a final rinse.

Cleaning the Bowl

You can generally clean your bowl with the base, submerging it in the simmering water for a few minutes before removing it and cleaning the bowl with a steel wool brush.

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