The History Of Hookah – Then And Now

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The History Of Hookah – Then And Now

Hookah has been a part of Indian, Persian, Turkish, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures for hundreds of years. It’s a common practice that brings people together to strengthen bonds. And when it first appeared, hookahs were only available to aristocrats and high-status individuals.

The History Of Hookah

The history of Hookah is shrouded in mystery, with many different origin stories. Most historians believe that the hookah is rooted in 16th century India. This time period saw the Mughal Empire rule over the area now known as the Indian subcontinent, along with parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. During this period, smoking tobacco became a popular activity amongst the upper class. It was also considered a sign of high social status. When the chief physician of Emperor Akbar raised concerns about the health risks associated with smoking unfiltered tobacco, he helped to create a water pipe that would be a safer alternative. In addition to the emperor, this new device was also used by other aristocrats and high-ranking officials. The hookah was an essential part of social life, and it allowed people to relax and enjoy themselves.

How Do Hookahs Work?

Regardless of the model, the main components remain to consist a water basin, bowl, one or more hoses, and a coal tray. Then, a flavored tobacco called “shisha” is placed in the bowl and smoked through the hose. The smoke emitted from the hookah is very fragrant and has a flavor that can vary depending on the type of shisha you choose. It can range from fruity to spicy and even sweet. However, the most common shisha is a dry lemon or mint flavor that is mixed with a mixture of molasses and honey. Some people also add dried grapes or other flavors as well. These flavored varieties are more popular in areas with warmer weather, such as Egypt, Turkey, and the Middle East. These flavored tobaccos are a bit more expensive than the traditional forms, but they are also more fragrant and delicious.

Hookah Today

Today, Hookah is still a social activity that is popular worldwide. It can be enjoyed by both men and women, and it has even become a common pastime in some countries. It is also a great way to bond with friends and family, which is why it is so popular in many parts of the world. And seeing as how hookahs are no longer a measure of social status, you may even encounter people smoking their hookah in restaurants and cafes across the world.

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