May 8, 2020

Extremely Professional: cPTSD

"I've never once felt embarrassed due to my trauma; the staff is always full of kindness each time. Decided to leave a review today because I think it is important to understand the management of this small business company. The owner provided PPE to staff during Coronavirus / Covid-19 2020.Earlier I went into a local hardware store to buy some PPE masks for everyone around me. We are all scared from Coronavirus. The employee told me they hadn't had any masks in over a month. Although I am the cPTSD voice of crazy/reason... it was still absolutely devastating to hear that such a big company could not provide for their staff. Their people had to work with no PPE protection.How is it that a local headshop that I'm guessing would not have qualified for the trillion dollar small business bailout program... the owner just simply went and purchased PPE masks because-- as we can all agree-- it was the right thing to do.Sure, he has less staff to provide for... yet what does that say about large corporations who applied for small business loans because they based it off of one individual location.They should brand Coughing Canary logo onto PPE medical masks and donate them to that corporate hardware store chain.Sorry to get political. Just have a feeling hundreds of more people will be traumatized and may need some hope out there.Again, no judgement and nothing but kindness at Coughing Canary (Scottsdale/McDowell). "
November 29, 2017

"Great customer service. Curtis helped with decisions by offering suggestions and was willing to look into products if they didn’t carry them. The friendly, helpful staff and the comfortable place makes for a come-back for us. Recommend you go see for yourself. "